Proper Recycling of Regulated Electrical Equipment, Turning Waste into Resources

The Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WPRS) covering the regulated electrical equipment (REE) (i.e. air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, printers, scanners and monitors) is now fully implemented. The WPRS provides a convenient means for recycling and also facilitates the proper treatment of abandoned REE, turning waste into resources. 

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Recycle Right
Purchasing REE

Consumers, as users of REE, should assist in the proper recycling of waste equipment, promoting “waste-to-resources” and minimising the associated environmental impact.

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Apply for Endorsement of Removal Service Plan 

Arrange Removal Service

Sellers of REE must have a removal service plan endorsed by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), and arrange free removal service for consumers to dispose of the old equipment according to the plan.

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Apply to be Registered Suppliers
Pay Recycling Levy
Submit Returns and Audit Reports

Suppliers of REE are required to register with EPD as registered suppliers and pay a recycling levy for REE distributed and uses in Hong Kong.
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Disposal and Import/Export Control 

A waste disposal licence is required for the storage, treatment, reprocessing or recycling of abandoned REE (e-waste) whereas a permit is required for the import or export of e-waste.
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