Other Proper Recycling Channels

To properly dispose of regulated electrical equipment (REE) for recycling, apart from choosing the statutory free removal service arranged by sellers in connection with a purchase of REE, members of the public may also make use of the following services:

  • Collection hotline (2676 8888) – Members of the public can make an appointment with the Government's recycling service operator, WEEE · PARK, for free door-to-door collection service. Based on the current booking position, the operator is able to arrange collection of the used items in about a week's time after receipt of the request.

  • GREEN @ COMMUNITY - As of August 2021, there are 11 Recycling Stations and 22 Recycling Stores in operation across the territory.  Members of the public may send the old REE to the recycling collection points set up in respective district. The collected REE will be transferred to WEEE · PARK for further handling.