Purchasing REE

Statutory Free Removal Service

Under the Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WPRS), when a consumer purchases regulated electrical equipment (REE) and makes a request, the seller should arrange for the consumer a free removal service (in accordance with the plan endorsed by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD)) for disposal of the same type of waste equipment from a premises designated by the consumer.

This service will help members of the public handle waste equipment requiring disposal, and as the waste equipment collected will be sent to downstream recyclers for proper treatment, it will help turn waste into resources, thereby achieving resources recovery.

Sellers have to notify consumers of the arrangements for the removal service and the relevant terms of service, so that consumers can make an informed choice according to their needs.

If consumers choose the free statutory removal service provided by the seller, consumers can request the seller to schedule the delivery of new REE and the removal of old items on the same day without extra fee.

Other Complementary Arrangements

When consumers purchase REE, sellers must provide a receipt with prescribed wording to inform consumers about the recycling levy payable to the Government by the registered suppliers in respect of an item of REE under the WPRS, so as to achieve a “visible fee” effect.

The amounts of recycling levy are as follows -

Air conditioner $125 per item
Refrigerator $165 per item
Washing machine $125 per item
Dehumidifier $125 per item
Tumble Dryer $125 per item
Television $165 per item
Computer $15 per item
Printer $15 per item
Scanner $15 per item
Monitor $45 per item