Responsibilities of suppliers

In general, suppliers are required to register as a registered supplier with the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) and pay a recycling levy for regulated electrical equipment (REE) distributed in Hong Kong in the course of their doing business. Their main statutory responsibilities include -

  • A supplier should not distribute REE without submitting an application to and obtaining approval from EPD to become a registered supplier.
  • A registered supplier should pay a recycling levy for the REE distributed and used by them.
  • A registered supplier should submit to EPD returns setting out information that is necessary for the computation of the recycling fees payable, and also arrange audit and submission of a report to ensure factual accuracy in the returns.
  • A registered supplier should keep records relating to returns to facilitate inspection.
  • A registered supplier who distributes REE should provide a recycling label to the distributee not later than the taking of actual possession of the REE by the distributee.