About 70,000 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) are generated in Hong Kong annually, most of these WEEE were exported in the past for reuse or recovery of valuable materials. However, the reliance on export in handling locally generated WEEE may not be sustainable in the long run because demand for second-hand products in markets outside Hong Kong will decline over time with progressive economic development and tightening of import control over WEEE in other jurisdictions.

The Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WPRS) has been fully implemented in 2018. This will provide a long-term solution to potential land contamination and environmental problems arising from mishandling WEEE during delivery, storage and dismantling processes, marking another important milestone in Hong Kong's waste reduction and recycling efforts.

  • Users and consumers of regulated electrical equipment (REE) are provided with convenient recycling channel under the WPRS. For details, please click here.
  • Under the WPRS, sellers of REE have to fulfill certain statutory obligations, for example, to arrange statutory removal service for consumers. For details, please click here.
  • Under the WPRS, suppliers of REE are required to be registered and pay recycling levy. For details, please click here.
    The recycling levy levels are as follow-

    1. $165 per item for television sets and refrigerators;
    2. $125 per item for washing machines and air conditioners;
    3. $45 per item for monitors; and
    4. $15 per item for computers, printers and scanners.
  • Recyclers of REE must obtain a waste disposal licence (e-WDL) for storage, treatment, reprocessing or recycling of abandoned REE (e-waste); a permit is also required for import and export of e-waste. For details, please click here.