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Property Management
Some property management companies have measures to coordinate or collect old waste REE from their tenants/residents. The FAQs below are for their reference:

Q1: With effect from 31 December 2018, any person who is engaged in the storage, treatment, reprocessing or recycling of abandoned regulated electrical equipment (REE), or e-waste, must obtain a waste disposal licence (WDL). Will it be a breach of law if property management offices (PMOs) temporarily store old REE pending collection?

The Waste Disposal Ordinance (Cap. 354) provides certain exemptions in respect of the disposal licensing control of e-waste, including:

  1. the disposal of e-waste that is not chemical waste on land or premises with an area of not more than 100 m2;
  2. the storage of e-waste with a total volume of not more than 50 m3; or
  3. the storage of e-waste on premises located inside a multi-storey building.

These exemptions should be able to facilitate the temporary storage of old REE by property management offices (PMOs) pending collection, thereby achieving better efficiency in the collection process.

Q2: Can PMOs charge their tenants for temporary storage of abandoned REE pending collection?

The WPRS does not regulate whether PMO may charge their tenants for collection of abandoned REE as a property management or concierge service.

Audit Report

Q1: Is there any reference material available for preparing the audit report?

The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) has issued the relevant circular in its website:
HKICPA Circular to auditors on reporting under Section 20 of the Product Eco-responsibility (Regulated Electrical Equipment) Regulation (Cap. 603B).

Please note that all quarterly returns of the relevant audit year must be attached as part of audit report for submission.

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