Imminent Implementation of the WPRS (with FAQ)

The Environmental Protection Department issued a press release on 27 July to further remind members of the public and the trade that the Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WPRS) will be implemented on 1 August 2018.  Please click here for the full text of the press release.  A set of frequently asked questions and answers is set out below.

What is regulated electrical equipment (REE)?
It refers to air-conditioners (including inverter air-conditioners), refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, printers, scanners and monitors.

When will the Scheme come into operation?
It will start from 1 August 2018.

How are we affected?
From then on when selling new REE, the REE seller is required to arrange free removal of a used equipment of the same class for the customer. The seller also has to provide the customer with a receipt containing the prescribed wording about the recycling levy, and a recycling label.

What is the level of the recycling levy? Who pays it?
The levy level is: $15 for each computer, printer or scanner; $45 for each monitor; $125 for each air-conditioner or washing machine; and $165 for each refrigerator or television.
The recycling levy is paid by REE suppliers to the Environmental Protection Department directly.  To what extent the suppliers will pass on the relevant cost along the supply chain is a commercial decision of the suppliers and sellers concerned.

Is it true that delivery of new product and removal of a used item on the same day can only be arranged at a fee?
The seller is required to arrange free removal of a used item for the customer. As it usually takes a few days to arrange delivery of the new item, the customer may request the seller to arrange delivery of the new item and removal of the used item on the same day at no extra fee.

Is it a breach of law to throw away an REE at a refuse collection point?
Improper disposal of an REE may cause harm to the environment even though throwing it away at the refuse collection point is currently not prohibited. Please support proper recycling of the used equipment for the sake of protecting the environment and turning waste into resources.

If I am not buying a new REE, how can I recycle the used equipment?
You may call the collection hotline at 2676 8888 to make an appointment. The schedule of appointment may take longer as the WEEE‧PARK operator will accord higher priority to collection requests for statutory removal service.

Have more questions?
Please call the Environmental Protection Department’s dedicated hotline at 2310 0223 or visit the dedicated website at weee.gov.hk.